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Our technology staffing firm provides workforce solutions that adapt and change with the needs of your business. Our clients operate in rapidly changing environments that don’t always match their internal capability to hire or complete projects as needed. The void in hiring options, if not resolved, can leave a company vulnerable to poor performance. Sullivan and Cogliano helps clients fill the void by providing the proper types of workforce resources as needed to scale up or down as business requires.

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  1. “Sullivan and Cogliano is the best team I’ve worked with”

      I found out quickly that working with Sullivan & Cogliano was about creating a win-win-win culture. The Client, the Candidate and Sullivan & Cogliano were all on the same team and had t…Read More

    Colleen T
  2. Exceptional, Well-Rounded, Personal Service

    Liz from Sullivan & Cogliano was a pleasure to work with throughout the placement process and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. There was a key focus on finding the right role for …Read More

    Paul J.
  3. Fantastic Attitude and Focused on Quality Work

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the contractor you placed with us has done and continues to do great work on our project!  He has a fantastic attitude and he’s focused on…Read More

    Rafaela R.

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