S&C is a world-class organization. They are very professional in all aspects of project and program design and delivery. S&C employs only the most talented staff in broad categories of business and technologies management. The entire S&C Team has always done a great job at finding the right position for me. They’ve always considered my business, technical, and professional aspirations when selecting the right customer assignment. Each of my assignments with S&C have been very rewarding!  The S&C administrative teams have always provided excellent support! I highly recommend S&C to the most qualified professionals.
—Thank you, John H.

I wanted to send out a special note of thanks to you and the team who worked with you to help me close the 10 contract positions in Dallas over the course of the last two weeks. As noted in my previous email, we have selected the final 3 candidates, who are slated to report on Monday and that will bring the total number of contractors hired to 10. I really appreciate all the hard work and for quickly sourcing so many relevant profiles. Please convey my thanks to the team members who worked with you as well.
—Sherin V.

Hi Jim and Deb,
Steve is one of the most professional contractors we have worked with. Not only is his work of high quality, but he has a very positive attitude and outlook on the work and the people here. We were extremely pleased with Steve for the three months he has been with us. Thank you for your assistance in finding Steve. I will contact you again when we need further assistance.

Jim, Ken and Liz,
Wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” from all of the NOC Managers here in Dallas!! Out of the 100+ candidates we have interviewed to date, 20+ out of 40 that will move into the next round of interviews have come from Sullivan and Cogliano. In addition, Jim and Ken we really appreciate you escorting not only your candidates to and from Building A & B but other Recruiting Agencies Techs!!  Very Impressive!! You are a TOP notch Recruiting Firm!!  Thank you again, it helped us get through a very busy week.
—Karen M.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the contractor you placed with us has done and continues to do great work on our project! He has a fantastic attitude and he’s focused on quality work. He is a great team member.
—Rafaela R.

Liz from Sullivan & Cogliano was a pleasure to work with throughout the placement process, and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. There was a key focus on finding the right role for me from the outset, and Liz was great at keeping in touch with updates and handling any issues. Exceptional, well rounded, personal service!” Sullivan & Cogliano will be the Firm I get in touch with the next time I’m looking for a new challenge and my recommendation to anyone else looking for the next step up in their career placement.
—Paul J.