Sullivan and Cogliano understands the need for speed, control, transparency and value with your staffing initiatives.

Sullivan and Cogliano is a North American provider of technology staffing services with a client-specific, dedicated client service team approach. We work to understand your business and project needs while mapping out available staffing options that are customized to each client. We develop the best approach with you and implement a robust, cost-effective staffing solution that achieves critical technology goals while delivering greater value for your organization.

We will NOT:

  • Waste your time with low-quality resumes or unqualified candidates
  • Misrepresent contract professional qualifications
  • Constantly harass you with pointless sales calls

We WILL pledge to:

  • Understand your business or project needs
  • Use our dedicated client service team approach
  • Customize a robust, cost-effective staffing solution for each client
  • Fully engage our proven Right Hire Solution™ methodology
  • Rely on our national recruiting and utilization model
  • Employ our 24/7 sourcing and recruiting management system

Our client service team understands the challenges in supporting IT infrastructure and application development initiatives. Sullivan and Cogliano understands your need for speed, control, transparency, and value.

Sullivan and Cogliano’s Right Hire Solution uses a national recruiting and utilization model that taps into our resource network to get you the right person with the right productivity –guaranteed!