Sullivan and Cogliano has developed various programs to foster mutual commitment between Sullivan and Cogliano and you. Our benefit programs are geared to effectively meet the welfare, training, development, and financial/investment needs of our employee community. All such offerings are part of Sullivan and Cogliano’s on-going commitment to become the employer of choice.

Medical and Prescription Drug –Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS) offers three medical plans. The plans differ in employee contributions, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and copays.

The HMO Blue New England network offers coverage for employees who are in the New England area (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island). The HMO requires you to designate a Primary Care Physician (PCP) so that they can refer you to see network specialists.

The two PPO plans are national plans that do not require a PCP. You can receive in-network services from participating providers and out-of-network services from non-participating providers (please note that an in-network provider will offer the highest level of benefits and lowest out-of-pocket expenses).

Dental Insurance thru Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts:

The Dental Blue Select PPO plan is a comprehensive plan that covers preventive, basic restorative, major restorative, and orthodontia services. The plan also includes a rollover feature that allows you to accumulate benefit dollars to offset higher out-of-pocket costs for complex procedures. The Dental Blue Select PPO plan has a wide network of dentists that you may utilize or you may seek care from an out-of-network provider (payments are based on usual and customary charges). Sullivan & Cogliano contributes 50% of the premium for the dental plan.

Vision Plan thru Eye Med:

The vision program will cover annual eye exams, eyeglasses and/or contact lenses at a low cost. The EyeMed InSight network is comprised of 61,000 providers in both private practices and retail chain outlets. Retail chain outlets include Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, JC Penney, and Sears Optical. If your provider is not an in-network provider, you can continue to seek care using out-of-network benefits.
For the above Medical, Dental and Vision Plans, if chosen, coverage is effective 60 days to the 1st of the month and available to those working on average for 30+ hours per week.

Sullivan and Cogliano 401(k) Savings Plan:

Allows you the opportunity to save for retirement before the bite of federal and state income taxes. By deferring a percentage of your compensation, rather than taking it in cash, you save the following advantages:

(1) federal and, in most cases, state income taxes are not applied to the deferred compensation so the employee reduces current income taxes; and
(2) income gained from the investment earnings are not taxed until the money is withdrawn and used as income so you have more money working for you.
The Plan’s investments are managed by Empower Retirement. An employee must be at least age 21, employed by and received a paycheck from Sullivan and Cogliano for 12 consecutive months prior to the open enrollment period, and worked a minimum of 1,000 hours in the 12 month period. There are 4 open enrollments every year: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st

Voluntary Long-Term Disability – The voluntary long-term disability (LTD) plan through USAble Life provides you with partial income continuation in the event you become disabled for a duration longer than 90 consecutive days due to an illness or injury. The LTD covers 60% of your pre-disability monthly earnings up to $10,000. Pre-existing limitations will apply. You must enroll and pay on a post-tax basis for this coverage to be covered for LTD benefits.

Vacation Pay:
Sullivan and Cogliano employees receive one-week straight time vacation pay after you have worked a total of 2,000 straight-time hours (not including overtime hours) during a period not to exceed 18 months. The vacation hours will be paid at the average rate of all rates over the past 2000 hours (not including overtime hours).

Additional information regarding benefits can be obtained through our Customer Service Coordinator:

Customer Service Coordinator

Sullivan and Cogliano reserves the right to change or modify benefits at any time.