When the ideal job is not available we can offer a FREE incredible resource GUARANTEED to guide you in your current search as well as throughout your entire career. Our Career Portal will provide you with amazing tools including:

  • FREE Assessment Tools
  • Access to over 1,000 Job Boards on ONE site
  • A FREE Resume Builder and Career Advisor
  • Information on Educational Opportunities
  • FREE Weekly Teleconference Calls on “Hot Topics”
  • A Resource Library filled with Audios, Videos and Articles
  • Access to 100 FREE Resume Cards for Networking

Take a minute to review our Career Portal, by visiting www.sccareeradvisor.com. Our intention is to offer you an additional SITE with alternative career services. We will continue to add new tools and resources that will benefit you.

Our firm specializes in IT Contract Staffing and our clients require certain skills, experience and stability. As a result, we were not able to help everyone who came to us to land a new job. This Career Portal has changed that and now we can assist 100% of the individuals who contact our firm. We are thrilled to offer this resource to YOU.

Just visit our site www.sccareeradvisor.com and let us begin to help you with your job search.