Plenty of companies get burned by tech recruiters on a regular basis. Time and again, we hear stories of how an agency provided less-than-adequate IT talent at an absurd price. So why on earth would you believe that hiring a technical staffing service actually saves you money? Here are the top five ways:

It provides flexibility –  Think back to the last time you hired someone. Chances are that you spent countless hours during the day sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. As a result, important projects were likely put on the backburner. Why not leave the staffing duties in the hands of a reliable tech temp agency? Here at Sullivan and Cogliano, we will take the time to understand your business or project needs. From there, we work toward finding the right person so you can stay on task and on budget.

  1. It gets you the contractor you’re looking for – Nothing is worse than hiring someone who is significantly underqualified for the position. When you put your IT staffing needs in the hands of Sullivan and Cogliano, you can expect us to deliver the right contractor. We understand that each client is different, which is why we customize a cost-effective staffing solution. There’s no lazy “cookie-cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” approach in terms of how we do things. Not to mention, our professionals can handle contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement staffing.
  2. It helps you eliminate turnover – It’s anything but easy to hire contractors, particularly in the IT industry. Frankly, you shouldn’t have to invest in someone who leaves the company after just a few months. Sullivan and Cogliano is here to put your mind at ease during the hiring process. For one thing, we won’t waste your time with low-quality resumes or less-than-satisfactory candidates. Our three-step process allows us to efficiently assess your needs and deploy the right talent. It’s as simple as that.
  3. It reduces training costs – Are you hoping to avoid those lengthy and expensive training periods for new hires? We’re willing to bet that you don’t have the time or budget for that. That’s why it’s imperative to bring on someone who possesses the skills and expertise to get the job done right away. At our technology staffing firm, we guarantee the right person and the right productivity. You can expect them to be ready to rock and roll from day one.
  4. It decreases the possibility of employee error – Take a look at your team. Are they overworked and overstressed? If so, then it’s time to give them the help they need. Why let a lack of focus cost the company in a major way? You can feel comfortable knowing that Sullivan and Cogliano is structured to provide the utmost support across the industry. So if you’re finally ready to increase your team’s capacity and bandwidth, then it’s time to explore our innovative staffing solutions.

See the difference our workforce solutions can make. Contact Sullivan and Cogliano today and let us start saving you money.